Daniel Moult in Guildford
Daniel Moult at the Guildford URC organ

Daniel Moult - Organ

Friday 24 February 2012 • 7:30pm • £8

Marche Pontificale from Symphonie 1
Trio BVW 1027a
Fantasia in F minor K608
Bénédiction Nuptiale
Prelude & Fugue on the name B.A.C.H
Fantasia & Toccata
Folk Tune & Divertimento
Wedding Fitkin
Serenade Bourgeois
Live Wire

Recital Review:

The concert on the 24th February immediately stamped the prestigious organist, Daniel Moult, as a "no nonsense" performer by the way he attacked the  Widor "Marche Pontificale" from his First Symphony. Clean, decisive playing was apparent throughout his recital with a fine ability to separate clearly individual voices in the Bach Trio BWV1027a, originally written for flute, harpsichord and viola da gamba. Both the Mozart Fminor Fantasia and Saint-Saens' "Benediction nuptiale" were beautifully played with fluid articulation, the former being interspersed with a fugal section and concluding with a lively finish and the latter having a charming melody progressing through different registers. Liszt's Prelude & Fugue on the name B.A.C.H. containing much of this composer's liking for fanfares and flourishes, and certainly constantly reiterating the theme on the notes B flat, A, C, B (German equivalent) was played with great panache throughout.

After the interval more modern composers contrasted with what had gone before, starting with Stanford's Fantasia & Toccata and followed by a nostalgic "Folk tune" with a lively "Divertimento" by Percy Whitlock. Fitkin's minimalistic "Wedding" contained a sparkling treble accompaniment section and the well-known "Serenade" by Bourgeois with its lopsided rhythm were much enjoyed. The evening finished with a jazz composition by the brilliant Iain Farrington who has previously played for us, entitled "Live Wire". Mind-numbingly difficult this piece provided a lasting impression with which to end another fine recital and confirmed the belief that Daniel Moult with his outstanding musicianship and transcendental technique is one of the foremost young organists of our generation.


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