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A “cookie” is a small text file that’s stored on your computer, tablet or phone when you visit a website

To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit www.aboutcookies.org

Cookies used on our site

Our site is run using Google technology. It uses cookies to provide its services. When you first connect to our site you will see a consent message like this:

Screen shot of cookie message

If you block all cookies in your browser, this message will pop up for every page of our site. Most of the site will remain functional.

As soon as you connect to our site Google will make use of one cookie called "NID". It will probably already exist in your browser, but a new one may be created if you have never been to any Google service before. It is used to remember any preferences you may have set (like preferred language.)

If you do not click the "GOT IT" link, no further cookies will be stored on your computer, but the pop-up message will appear on every page.

If you do click the "GOT IT" button, a cookie called SITES-CONTENT will be stored on your computer for our site. This is used to stop the pop-up re-appearing and to remember that you have agreed to Google's use of cookies.

Once you have agreed to Google's use of cookies, the number of cookies stored depends on whether you are logged in to your Google account on the browser you are using. The Google login persists when you close and re-open your browser. When you sign up to a Google account you generally consent to their privacy policy. There is no need to have a Google account to use our website.

Depending on sites you have previously visited, a cookie for the Google doubleclick advertising system may be stored. We do not have any ads on our pages, nor do we advertise via Google.

It will also store some Google analytics cookies. Google analytics is a service to allow us to obtain anonymous information about how people use our sites.

We do not store any cookies other than those generated by the Google system.

You can opt out of Google Analytics cookies for all sites.

For more on Google's use of cookies see How Google uses cookies