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This privacy notice is about how we handle personal data for some purposes not listed in the main privacy notice from the Guildford United Reformed Church (GURC).

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Who are we?

The Guildford Music Society at GURC (The Society) is a society whose object is "to promote, improve, develop and maintain public education in and appreciation of the art and science of music in all its aspects by the presentation of public concerts and recitals and by such other ways as the Society through its Committee shall determine from time to time."

The Society is administered within the organisation of the Guildford United Reformed Church, but managing public concerts is slightly outside the normal day-to-day running of the Church.

Below, numbered as per the GURC Privacy Notice, we list the way in which this arrangement requires minor additions to that notice.

1. Personal data

Personal data relates to a living individual who can be identified from that data. Identification can be by the information alone or in conjunction with any other information in the data controller’s possession or likely to come into such possession. The processing of personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (the ‘GDPR’).

Note: This information is identical to that in the GURC Privacy Notice

2. Data Controller

The Committee (we, us, our) of Guildford Music Society at GURC is the Data Controller (contact details in section 9 below) for personal data on this web site, in our performers' contracts and in our mailing lists. This means it decides how your personal data is processed and for what purposes. For all other personal data usage please see the main GURC Privacy Notice.

3. How do we process your personal data?

We comply with our obligations under the “GDPR” by keeping personal data up to date; by storing and destroying it securely; by not collecting or retaining excessive amounts of data; by protecting personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure and by ensuring that appropriate technical measures are in place to protect personal data.

We use personal data for the following additional purposes not covered by the main GURC Privacy Notice: -

    • to manage contracts for performers;
    • to maintain our contact lists for publicity distribution.

We use two Data Processors. That means organisations which process data for us as instructed by us. We use their GDPR-compliant data processing agreements with their associated EU model contracts which guarantee that they will keep data properly protected. Both are US-based companies.

4. What is the legal basis for processing your personal data?

  • Processing is carried out by a not-for-profit body with a religious aim provided:
      • the processing relates only to members or former members (or those who have regular contact with it in connection with this purpose); and
      • there is no disclosure to a third party without consent; or
  • Processing is necessary for carrying out obligations under employment, social security or social protection law, or a collective agreement; or
  • Explicit consent of the data subject has been given.

5. Sharing personal data

Your personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used only for the purpose for which it was obtained. For instance, if you provide your postal address for gift aid donations to the Church via a member of our committee, that information will not be used for our publicity contact list without explicit consent.

6. How long do we keep data?

We retain data on the following basis:

Below is a list of record types and the retention period (with reason) for each:

Performance contracts

At least

7. Your rights and your personal data

Unless subject to an exemption under the GDPR, you have the following rights with respect to your personal data: -

    • The right to request a copy of the personal data which Guildford United Reformed Church holds about you (a Subject Access Request or ‘SAR’);
    • The right to request that the eldership of Guildford United Reformed Church corrects any personal data if it is found to be inaccurate or out of date;
    • The right to request your personal data is erased where it is no longer necessary for Guildford United Reformed Church to retain such data;
    • The right to withdraw your consent to the processing at any time;
    • The right to request that the data controller provide you with your personal data and where possible, to transmit that data directly to another data controller.
    • The right, where there is a dispute in relation to the accuracy or processing of your personal data, to request a restriction is placed on further processing;
    • The right to object to the processing of personal data;
    • The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office.

Note: This information is identical to that in the GURC Privacy Notice

8. Further processing

If we wish to use your personal data for a new purpose, not covered by this Data Protection Notice, then we will provide you with a new notice explaining this new use prior to commencing the processing and setting out the relevant purposes and processing conditions. Where and whenever necessary, we will seek your prior consent to the new processing.

Note: This information is identical to that in the GURC Privacy Notice

9. Contact Details

To exercise all relevant rights, queries or complaints please in the first instance contact us at events@gurcms.org.uk

You can contact the Information Commissioners Office on 0303 123 1113 or via email https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us/email/ or at the Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AF.

The Committee

Guildford Music Society at GURC

Date: May 2018

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