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Wed 25 Jan 2012

7:30 pm Recital, 8:30 pm AGM

Annual General Meeting

Guildford URC Music Society's AGM this year will be held in the church's Meeting Room at approximately 8.30 pm on Wednesday, 25th January.

It will be preceded at 7.30pm by a short concert given by three gifted young local musicians:

Ellen Brunet - treble recorder

Mary Ball - harp and bassoon

Edward Ball - harp and double bass

We warmly invite you to attend the concert (for which there is no charge), and, if you wish, to join us for coffee and biscuits afterwards. You are also welcome to stay for the AGM if you would like to; we are always glad of comments and suggestions from our loyal audience members.

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J. Hotteterre (1801-1866)

Prelude and Allemande (from Suite in E minor for treble recorder)

D. Watkins (1939- )

Fire Dance (from Petite Suite for harp)

J.W. Kalliwoda (1801-1866)

Adagio and Allegretto (from Variations for bassoon and orchestra)

H.U. Staeps (1909-1988)

Ruhig bewegt and Lebhaft (from Sonata in E flat for treble recorder)

C. Salzedo (1921-2000)

Tango (from Suite of 8 Dances for harp)

R. Rodgers (1902-1979)

My Favourite Things (arranged for harp by Zubin Kanga)

Medley for harp duet:

  • O'Carolan
  • Irish Ballad
  • Greensleeves