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Friday 18 Nov 2011

7:30 pm • £12

Summerhayes Trio

Catherine Summerhayes - piano

Adam Summerhayes - violin

Joseph Spooner - cello

Haydn, Krein, Ravel, de Falla & Schubert

Summerhayes Trio
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Trio in G "Gypsy Rondo" Hob XV25




Pièce en Forme de Habanera

de Falla

Ritual Fire Dance


Trio No. 1 in B flat D898



Summerhayes Piano Trio

The Summerhayes Piano Trio began in 2000 when Catherine and I asked Joseph Spooner to join us for a centenary concert of music by Copland and Alan Bush in the Purcell Room.

Soon afterwards, encouraged by the flattering reviews, we recorded our first disc for Meridian Records. Much of our focus since then has been on the discovery and recording of unusual – but great – repertoire, as well as performing it for those promoters around the country who have a secure enough audience base to be able to programme it.

We are also revelling in the exploration and performance of the greats of the trio repertoire: Ravel, Schostakovitch, Brahms, Beethoven…..

The next recording project is underway – music by the extraordinary Soviet composer Liataschinsky.

Also see Joseph Spooner's website.