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Friday 14 Oct 2011

7:30 pm • £20/£10/£50

Margaret Cant Memorial Concert

Michala Petri


Lars Hannibal


J.S.Bach, Vivaldi, Tartini, Cant & Lalo

Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal
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Programme to include:


Sonata in F


Sonata in G


Sonata in G minor (Devil's Trill)


Winter Seascapes from Ospedaletti


Fantasie Norvegienne for recorder & guitar



Petri/Hannibal Duo – Making Dialogue

Conversation, companionship and communication – these are the keywords in the universe of Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal. A continuous dialogue – with oneself, with each other and with the audience – is crucial for creating the performance without which music becomes reduced to some notes on a sheet of paper.

With their music, these two artists have reached a maturity and technical superiority that inevitably shift the focus. Into to room, into the hall. And this to a degree where the contact with their audience becomes almost tangible. They capture the atmosphere in such a way that encourages audiences to discover that a concert with Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal is an exceptional experience that strikes the chords of the heart.

Whereas Michala Petri has a long standing as one of the world’s most supreme instrumentalists, Lars Hannibal’s wide experience from various ensembles enables him to create both harmony and contrast. Together, they form a synthesis that attracts attention worldwide.

While showing the greatest respect for music and the concert medium, Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal succeed in creating a relaxed atmosphere that opens up the audience for entering into the spirit of the music.

The Petri/Hannibal duo began in summer 1992 with a concert in the Monastery La Cartuja de la Sierra in Andalusia, Spain. Since then, they have performed extensively in Europe, North and South America, Japan, China and Korea, giving more than a thousand concerts in a repertoire spanning from late renaissance and early baroque, over the classical and romantic periods, to contemporary music written especially for the duo. They have played in many of the world's major Concert Halls and Festivals, and released 4 cds together. In 2001, their third cd Kreisler Inspirations received the prestigious Deutscher Schallplattenpreis. Their latest cd Siesta, featuring Latin-inspired music, was released on their own recording company OUR Recordings.

Source: Michala Petri website